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Polish Dragon P.I.

Polish Dragon P.I.BySteve Zimcosky My Review:Steve Zimcosky’s Polish Dragon P.I. is a fast paced mystery. The author has written an intriguing beginning to the story and he wasted no time in introducing the main characters to us. I liked the way Tom, a private investigator, met Cindy in a restaurant. By seeing Cindy, Tom figured … Continue reading “Polish Dragon P.I.”

Heart Amongst Stars

Hearts Amongst StarsByK Soriano My Review:We could be mad at someone and still love them. Recently I heard this line in one movie. In this poetry collection, the poet/author has also mentioned how a person in love got detached because she was angry at her lover but then once their fingers entangled, she got attached … Continue reading “Heart Amongst Stars”

Betrayal in Black

Betrayal in BlackByMark M Bello My Review:Being a fan of legal thrillers, I have picked Mark M Bello’s couple of novels and I loved each one of them. Betrayal in Black is the fourth installment in the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller series. Two young black men robbed a Burger King. Police are looking for them. … Continue reading “Betrayal in Black”

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