A booktiful love

A booktiful LOVE is a collection of freestyle poems related to various aspects of human life such as dreams, isolation, grief, nostalgia, beauty and virtuous. They are thought-provoking.

Most of the poems are of freestyle. The cover looks really pretty and is admirable. Language inscribed is pretty much easy to grasp.

Some of my favourite lines from the book – 

She is beautiful
and virtuous,
Not materialistic.
She has attributes that were virtues—
Say humility, teachability, and loyalty.
She is made for royalty.
Call her Esther– a king in her Queendom.
She is angelic, gentle,
And a gift to her generation.

Trust me these are worth reading. If you are a poetry person make sure you try it out! The book is so small, but it contains so much.

Rating 4.5/5

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