Book Endings

Book Endings is a fiction written about the life of a part time library clerk Robin Walker. This book has many characters. Robin’s granddaddy condition is not well. He fell on the floor and wasn’t breathing. Robin called the ambulance and his granddad was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Robin learnt that his grandfather doesn’t has much time and Robin is in the denial i.e. first stage of death of a loved one.

As the story moves forward, Robin met a beautiful woman Shinju Hasegawa who has an Asian accent. Robin saw Shinju for the first time on the 6-train. He is now talking to Shinju in a coffee shop and telling her about the loss in his life. When Robin told that he needs to do soul searching to determine what he is going to do next, I felt very connected to him as I had been in such a situation.

Story is exciting. Every page made me more curious to know what gonna happen next. This novel is quite lengthy so it took me some time to finish it but the story is interesting. Writing style of the author is mature. Plot is constructed after giving a great thought. I am excited to read part 3 of the Call Numbers Series.

Rating 4.5/5

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