The Ghost of Whitmore Manor

Short stories are more fun to read as we can finish them in a single sitting without putting the book down. Whenever I get a free hour in-between work, I read short stories.

Recently I read “The Ghost of Whitmore Manor”. It is a short story by the author Sarah. As the title of the book suggests there is a Ghost inside the Whitmore Manor. It is a ghost of the victim from the murder that happened thirty years ago. Charlotte, a naive girl who was challenged by her friends entered the manor to spend a night there. She doesn’t believe in ghosts. But after entering the manor and after few hours, she met a ghost of a little boy who wanted someone to talk to. Will Charlotte be scared from this ghost or will she become his friend?

This short story has sensitive content. I am much satisfied to read this book. Writing style of Sarah is mature and fresh. I would love to read more short stories by the author. She has done fantastic work in this one. This book deserves no less than five stars. Cover of the book looks so intense and the title is perfect according to the storyline.

It is one of the best horror story that I have read till now.

Rating 5/5

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