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Searching For Sarah

Searching For Sarah
Phillip Vega

“You can never really know someone completely, and in your case, sis…boy, were they right.”

There are very few novels that has the power to hook the readers right from the first page. Searching for Sarah is one such novel. Tom Ruiz is the brother of Nina Ruiz. Entire life they have shared stuffs with each other and kept each other’s secret. But there is one secret of Nina that Tom came to know after her death. Tom couldn’t believe at first when he found out that his sister was gay. Tom’s mother, his wife and kids already knew about Nina’s homosexuality. He was hurt thinking why his sister hasn’t shared the truth with him..

As the story progresses, more and more secrets about Nina unveiled making Tom think did he ever knew this person. Will Tom be able to find Sarah? Phillip Vega has won my heart with his writing. Cover photo of the book is eye catchy. Title is simple and suitable to the story. Storyline is interesting and I wasn’t able to keep this book aside once I started reading this. Please be advised that book contains sensitive content like the feelings of a homosexual. So, if you are comfortable reading about it, go ahead with this book. It’s worth reading.

Rating: 5/5

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